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We continue to be grateful to you our partner and client for choosing to work with our experts and consultants to execute your project. Here are some of the works we have oilproject recently.

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    Ganty construction

    Ganty Construction at World Oil depot

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    Oil Pipework

    Distribution pipework for oil at World Oil

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    Fire Fighting

    Fire fighting system installation at World Oil

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    Manfold Installation

    Manfold installation at World Oil

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    Oil Tanks

    Construction of Oil Tanks at World Oil

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    Oil Tanks

    Final Construction Stage at World Oil Depot

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    Gas Pipeline

    Pipe quality inspection at UBUNGO - Mikocheni

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    Commissioning at Ubungo

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    Kinyerezi 1

    Site inspection at KINYEREZI 1

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    OTIS Lift

    Factory lift acceptance test in China at OTIS

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    Lift Zanzibar

    Lift site inspection in Zanzibar

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    City Lodge

    All Engineering, Electrical, Lift, Mechanical Works

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    Clarification Meeting with TANESCO

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    Gas Project

    Project Handover

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    Ubungo Turbines

    Ubungo (Gas powered trubines used in power generation)

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    UBA Bank Site

    UBA Site Handover at Kariakoo branch

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    State House

    State House system conditional surveys

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    Project Management Meeting

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    Backlays HQ Renovation

    Backlays Head Quarters building renovation

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    Mistubishi Elevators

    Factory acceptance test at Mistubish Elevators in China