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  • Welcome to KIMPHIL Consultants
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    We deliver sustainable solutions and services to various industries with Africa.
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Looking for a quality constructor for your next project?

24 years of combined experience
Welcome to KIMPHIL Consultants

Committed to World Class Quality

Our goal is to provide each client with a complete and up to date expert advice, source of information and technical assistance with complete solutions in all aspects of engineering services consultancy and planning in most efficient and diligent manner as well as to promote efficient, practical designs that advance standard practice, achieve cost effective, energy serving and can be implemented using current technology.

  • ISO 9001:2015-Quality management
  • ISO 18001:2007- Occupational Health and Safety Management
  • ISO 14001:2015- Environmental management systems


We offer consultancy and services in mechanical engineering in: Ventilation and Extract System, Refrigeration and Cold Storage, Fuel Gas Supply and Distribution systems, Lift-Hoists-and-Escalators, Acoustics, Plumbing and Fire Engineering.


We offer an extensive range of premium quality central heating design and supervision and associated plumbing services.

Oil and Gas

With a broad experience in Oil and Gas engineering, we have worked across East and Central Africa in the gas industry on various successful projects.

Air Conditioning

Our team of highly experienced engineers can assist you to choose the right Air conditioning to suit any space in residential and commercial premises.

Cold Storage & Refrigeration

We offer design and project supervision, in factories or industries where everything needs to be stored cold including specification of gadgets and equipment that require a cold room.

Lift, hoists and escalators

We design, advice and offer project supervision for all kinds of vertical and horizontal transportation in any building including shopping malls and terminals.

Fire engineering

We have a highly qualified and skilled engineering team on board. With decades of experience in design and special fire risk protection, the team is well placed to provide our clients with all their needs in various safety areas.

25 Years of experience
55 Affiliates & experts
60+ Completed projects
1 Global Award


  • img-1

    Ganty construction

    Ganty Construction at World Oil depot

  • img-2

    Oil Pipework

    Distribution pipework for oil at World Oil

  • img-4

    Manfold Installation

    Manfold installation at World Oil

  • img-6

    Oil Tanks

    Final Construction Stage at World Oil Depot

  • img-7

    Gas Pipeline

    Pipe quality inspection at UBUNGO - Mikocheni

  • img-8


    Commissioning at Ubungo

  • img-8

    Kinyerezi 1

    Site inspection at KINYEREZI 1

  • img-8

    OTIS Lift

    Factory lift acceptance test in China at OTIS

  • img-8

    Lift Zanzibar

    Lift site inspection in Zanzibar

  • img-8

    UBA Bank Site

    UBA Site Handover at Kariakoo branch

  • img-8

    State House

    State House system conditional surveys

  • img-8

    Backlays HQ Renovation

    Backlays Head Quarters building renovation

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KIMPHIL Consultants Tanzania Limited has built up a very strong and comprehensive base of professional expertise and wide connections with efficient teams of specialists in various fields of Mechanical Engineering, services and project Management.

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