Welcome to KIMPHIL Consultants Tanzania Limited




  • 1. When did KIMPHIL start?

    KIMPHIL Consultants Tanzania Limited was officially established on April 2007. The Tanzania Registrar of Contractors issued License # 130298. On May 01, 2003, the company officially changed its entity to Limited Liability status according to Tanzania. This change brought about a new license with the Tanzania Registrar of Contractors; this new license number became, ROC 186918.

  • 2. What separates KIMPHIL from other Contractors?

    We value the relationships we build with our clients. We know that when they entrust us with a new project, that we have a responsibility to them, and we take that very seriously. We understand the dilemma that organizations face when undertaking new construction: balancing the need to meet project specifications on-budget and on-schedule, while at the same time ensuring that ongoing operations continue without disruption.

    By acknowledging that each project comes with its own set of complex and unique qualities, KIMPHIL Consultants Tanzania Limited provides a unique, consultative approach that combines the infrastructure afforded by big-name contractors, with the expertise, focus, trust, and personal care of a much smaller firm. No matter how large the scope of your project, our process translates to an experience that is both efficient and consistent. After partnering with us, our clients return to us for advice and guidance with future projects. We go out of our way because, to us, it is not just about the immediate job, it is about our clients’ vision.

  • 3. How will I Know What is really going on with my project?

    Throughout the course of our relationships with our clients, we pride ourselves on maintaining consistent communication, and on keeping our word. When it is difficult to gauge how long or how costly a project will be, other contractors will give the most attractive figures they can to get the job, and tack on extras along the way once they’ve secured the bid. We value honesty, integrity, and open communication, so you can be confident that your best interests are always front of mind.

    By anticipating obstacles, we may complete a project under-budget or ahead of schedule. We know that price point is a key factor when evaluating potential partners, but that should not mean you need to compromise on details that mean the difference between checking the box, and excellence.

    We know that even while new projects are just beginning, that you are busy planning and strategizing for your next big move. It is not a time to be held back by delays and surprise developments, or to be left in the dark about the status of your project. At KIMPHIL Consultants Tanzania Limited, we will keep you involved and informed throughout the entire process, without adding more to your workload.

  • 4. What type of services and work does KIMPHIL perform?

    KIMPHIL Consultants Tanzania Limited provides a wide variety of turnkey services to help businesses of all sizes. Click here to learn more.

  • 5. Does KIMPHIL offer references from past customers?

    Yes, KIMPHIL Consultants Tanzania Limited is pleased to provide references regarding our work upon request. You can also read a sample of testimonials by clicking here, calling us directly at +255 735 923 521 or via email at kimphil@kimphilConsultants.com.